Louis Morneau (1997)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Although this major studio production was sent direct to video, it does have satisfying moments for more patient viewers who are in the mood for quirkiness. James Belushi is miscast as a lowlife involved in dirty deals in the desert, but Shannon Whirry compensates with an excellent, subtle performance as Belushi's abused wife. When they are unknowingly caught in a time loop caused by a nearby experiment, passer-by Kylie Travis repeatedly tries to "do the right thing" to prevent various disasters, though she never succeeds. It's fun and energetic until the end, but the plot is full of holes and afterwards viewers will probably come up with a long list of unanswered questions.


A woman struggles to put the past behind her after witnessing a series of murderers. However, when she is given the chance to travel back in time and change what has happened, she seizes it with both hands. Sci-fi thriller, starring James Belushi, Kylie Travis and Shannon Whirry.

Cast & Crew

Frank Lloyd James Belushi
Karen Kylie Travis
Rayanne Shannon Whirry
Brian Frank Whaley
Sam M Emmet Walsh
Director Louis Morneau
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video