Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous Fortune

Arthur Hiller (1987)

15 Certificate


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Bette Midler and Cheers star Shelley Long team up for this distaff buddy comedy, playing women from opposite sides of the tracks who find they have the same two-timing boyfriend (Peter Coyote, in a serious piece of miscasting). This is just the start of their problems, however, as the two aspiring actresses (they share a drama coach, too) are now implicated in a slightly bewildering espionage subplot, and embark on a madcap chase after their man (who may or may not have faked his own death) and the truth. Director Arthur Hiller manages to keep the action and comedy rolling along at a fairly boisterous rate, and he's helped considerably by the assured performances of Midler and Long, who refuse to let the humour lapse for a second.


A porn star and a drama student discover they have one thing in common - they are being two-timed by the same man. When their lover mysteriously disappears, they team up to find him, only to learn he is an agent of a foreign power and has implicated them in his espionage schemes. Comedy, starring Bette Midler, Shelley Long, Peter Coyote and Robert Prosky.

Cast & Crew

Sandy Brozinsky Bette Midler
Lauren Ames Shelley Long
Michael Sanchez Peter Coyote
Stanislav Korzenowski Robert Prosky
Atkins John Schuck
Frank George Carlin
Weldon Anthony Heald
Cab driver Ji-Tu Cumbuka
Ticket agent Florence Stanley
Tobacco clerk Jerry Zaks
Director Arthur Hiller
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Touchstone PicturesGuidance: Some violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD