The Concorde - Airport '79

The Concorde - Airport '79

David Lowell Rich (1979)

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The fourth Airport movie goes supersonic and has more disaster-packed moments than the average genre entry. Taking a chance with the usual inedible in-flight food, pilots George Kennedy and Alain Delon also have to deal with a missile chasing the plane, an emergency landing with no brakes, various explosions and doors coming off, and a crash-landing into snow. It's very silly, but the starry cast (Robert Wagner, Sylvia Kristel, Eddie Albert) manages to be as over-the-top as the effects, making this a fun if incredibly mindless way to spend a couple of hours.


A supersonic plane en route from Washington to Moscow for the Olympics becomes the target of a rogue defence systems industrialist caught up in illegal arms dealing. On board, a female television news journalist has documents proving his involvement - and to stop her from exposing him, he sets in motion a plan to destroy the plane. Disaster movie sequel, with Robert Wagner, Alain Delon, George Kennedy, Susan Blakely, David Warner and Sylvia Kristel.

Cast & Crew

Dr Kevin Harrison Robert Wagner
Joe Patroni George Kennedy
Capt Paul Metrand Alain Delon
Maggie Whelan Susan Blakely
Peter O'Neill David Warner
Isabelle Sylvia Kristel
Eli Sand Eddie Albert
Francine Bibi Andersson
Margarita Charo
Director David Lowell Rich
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