Women without Men

Women without Men

Elmo Williams (1956)

A Certificate


Our Score
Angela (Beverly Michaels), imprisoned for injuring a man in self-defence, escapes over Christmas in order to meet her boyfriend, who discharges himself from hospital to keep the date. Second-feature British prison drama of no particular distinction, but deploying some humour and employing some interesting names - Thora Hird, Avril Angers - which up the entertainment quotient. Directed by Elmo Williams, it's good for an idle rainy afternoon or 2am insomnia.

Cast & Crew

Angela Booth Beverly Michaels
Nick Randall Jim Davis (1)
Cleo Joan Rice
Kent Foster Richard Travis
Inspector Hedges Paul Cavanagh
Granny Thora Hird
Bessie Avril Angers
Percy Gordon Jackson
Director Elmo Williams
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Exclusive Films Ltd