The Woman in White

The Woman in White

Peter Godfrey (1948)

A Certificate


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Based on the classic Victorian gothic thriller by Wilkie Collins, the film stars an effectively histrionic Sydney Greenstreet as the evil Count Fosco, plotting to get his hands on Eleanor Parker's fortune. He has her twin sister (also Parker) committed to an insane asylum from where she escapes, returning in the guise of a ghostly apparition to foil Greenstreet's plans. The descent of Agnes Moorehead, Greenstreet's already somewhat mad wife, into murderous insanity, is one of the high points of a film which, though atmospheric and periodically scary, is hampered by over-respectful restraint and a dull Parker.

Cast & Crew

Marian Halcombe Alexis Smith
Laura Fairlie / Ann Catherick Eleanor Parker
Count Alesandro Fosco Sydney Greenstreet
Walter Hartright Gig Young
Countess Fosco Agnes Moorehead
Frederick Fairlie John Abbott
Sir Percival Glyde John Emery
Louis Curt Bois
Director Peter Godfrey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white