Square Dance

Square Dance

Daniel Petrie (1987)



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Adapted by Alan Hines from his own novel, this was Winona Ryder's second film and her role as the scripture-spouting Gemma Dillard ultimately proves too much for her. But she is definitely one of the plus points in a film that deals solely with eccentrics. Jason Robards is lazily effective as Ryder's crotchety grandpa and Jane Alexander (who also co-executive produced) lets off plenty of steam as her city-corrupted mother. However, it's Rob Lowe's wildly unbelievable performance as the mentally disabled Rory (which seems to belong to another film altogether) that you'll be discussing once the movie's over.

Cast & Crew

Dillard Jason Robards
Juanelle Jane Alexander
Gemma Dillard Winona Ryder
Rory Rob Lowe
Gwen Deborah Richter
Frank Guich Koock
Beecham Elbert Lewis
Aggie Charlotte Stanton
Director Daniel Petrie
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains swearing. Available on: video