Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera

Mike Newell (2007)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This adaptation of Gabriel García Márquez's acclaimed novel should have been an epic flight of fancy, but feels more like a long trawl through a bog. Javier Bardem is up to his neck in it playing Florentino, a Colombian telegraph clerk whose obsessive love for local girl Fermina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) goes unrequited across five decades. His gift for quiet pathos means that he retains his dignity, but only just, because director Mike Newell handles his transition from weeping virgin to debonair Don Juan with as much refinement as he might a high-school sex romp. Mezzogiorno gets to do plenty of wistful gazing in the role of the dutiful wife to an aristocratic doctor (Benjamin Bratt), but her character's innermost passions are never really explored. Conspicuous latex wrinkles only serve as another barrier in a romantic yarn that doesn't have any heart.


A young man in 19th-century Colombia falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy mule trader. He is devastated when she chooses to marry someone else instead, and seeks solace from the pain in a series of affairs. Romantic drama based on the novel by Gabriel García Marquez, starring Javier Bardem, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Benjamin Bratt and John Leguizamo.

Cast & Crew

Florentino Ariza Javier Bardem
Fermina Daza Urbino Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Dr Juvenal Urbino Benjamin Bratt
Hildebranda Catalina Sandino Moreno
Don Leo Hector Elizondo
Lotario Thugut Liev Schreiber
Olimpia Zuleta Ana Claudia Talancón
Transito Ariza Fernanda Montenegro
Florentino as a teenager Unax Ugalde
Lorenzo Daza John Leguizamo
Director Mike Newell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Momentum PicturesAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 21 Mar 2008