Claude Lanzmann (1985)

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Claude Lanzmann spent over a decade shooting the 350 hours of interviews and location footage - he purposely did not use archive material - that were distilled into this cinematic monument to those who perished in the death camps and ghettos of the Second World War. Several decades on, the ruins of Auschwitz, Chelmno and the rest still induce revulsion, as do the remorseless recollections of the Polish peasants who remain tainted with the hatred that made the Holocaust possible. Yet this is also a testament to the survivors who refused to let their spirit be broken by the daily horrors they witnessed. Putting a face on inhuman misery, this remarkable achievement demonstrates film's unique power and its underperformed duty.


Conclusion. Claude Lanzmann's documentary recording personal accounts of the Holocaust. Lanzmann went in search of concentration camp survivors, witnesses and former members of the Nazi party, and conducted in-depth interviews to produce a detailed, first-hand account of the atrocities committed, and examines how the bigotry that led to the genocide still exists decades on. In German, Hebrew, Polish, Yiddish, French and English.

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Director Claude Lanzmann

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Language: French +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Curzon Film Dists LtdAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray