The Blind Goddess

The Blind Goddess

Harold French (1948)

A Certificate


Our Score
Nobody can do decent coves caught in a dilemma quite like Michael Denison and he's perfectly cast again in this screen version of Patrick Hastings's hit stage play as a secretary who shops his embezzling boss. But, unfortunately, this reunion with director Harold French after the same year's My Brother Jonathan suffers from some uncertain handling, with the courtroom scenes in particular sapped of the suspense that made them so compelling in the theatre. However, Eric Portman brings some much-needed authority to the proceedings. This was something of a family affair, with Betty Box producing and Sydney and Muriel Box writing the script.

Cast & Crew

Sir John Dearing Eric Portman
Lady Brasted Anne Crawford
Lord Brasted Hugh Williams
Derek Waterhouse Michael Denison
Lady Dearing Nora Swinburne
Mary Dearing Claire Bloom
Mr Mainwaring Raymond Lovell
Judge Frank Cellier
Butler Maurice Denham
Morton Cecil Bevan
Director Harold French
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist Ltd