Josef von Sternberg (1930)



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Screen goddess Marlene Dietrich's first American-made movie, sumptuously directed by her Blue Angel mentor Josef von Sternberg and ravishingly photographed by the great Lee Garmes and Lucien Ballard. Dietrich's romantic partner is the impossibly young and handsome foreign legionnaire Gary Cooper, and the audience is left wondering whether she'll choose between him or dapper, worldly Adolphe Menjou. Dietrich makes something very real and touching out of her displaced cabaret chanteuse, and her first appearance in the Moroccan nightclub is an ultra-sophisticated piece of staging (apparently suggested by Howard Hawks) that is as ornate as it is outrageous. This movie set the seal on Dietrich's image for ever, and its potent blend of romance and high gloss also helped consolidate the Paramount style of the 1930s.

Cast & Crew

Amy Jolly Marlene Dietrich
Tom Brown Gary Cooper
Le Bessier Adolphe Menjou
Adjutant Caesar Ullrich Haupt
Anna Dolores Juliette Compton
Cpl Tatoche Francis McDonald
Director Josef von Sternberg
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