You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice

Lewis Gilbert (1967)

PG Certificate


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This is one of the best of the Sean Connery Bond films, despite the actor's desire to quit the franchise. Having faked his own death, agent 007 is sent to Japan where he goes native and "marries" a local girl, all the while trying to prevent World War Three following the disappearance of US and Russian spacecraft. The film has one of the all-time great screen villains in Donald Pleasence's cat-stroking Blofeld, and director Lewis Gilbert keeps the pace up, while the script (co-written by Roald Dahl) is suitably arch. But this is really production designer Ken Adam's triumph: the secret volcanic base, where the film's explosive climax unfolds, remains definitive and much parodied.


James Bond is sent on a mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearances of Soviet and American space capsules before the mutually suspicious superpowers go to war. The trail leads to Japan, where Bond finally comes face to face with his arch-enemy Blofeld. Spy thriller, starring Sean Connery, Donald Pleasence, Akiko Wakabayashi and Bernard Lee.

Cast & Crew

James Bond Sean Connery
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Donald Pleasence
Aki Akiko Wakabayashi
Tiger Tanaka Tetsuro Tamba
Kissy Suzuki Mie Hama
Osato Teru Shimada
Helga Brandt Karin Dor
Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell
"Q" Desmond Llewelyn
Henderson Charles Gray
Chinese girl Tsai Chin
"M" Bernard Lee
US President Alexander Knox
Spectre 3 Burt Kwouk
Pentagon official William Sylvester
Presidential aide Robert Hutton
Director Lewis Gilbert
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: May be edited for violence.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray