By Candlelight

By Candlelight

James Whale (1934)



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During a European train journey, a nobleman's manservant (Paul Lukas) is mistaken for his employer (Nils Asther) by a lovely woman (Elissa Landi) and he does nothing to disillusion her. In due course, the nobleman turns up and is taken for his servant. Universal studios' James Whale, the star director of its famous horror cycle, trespasses here on territory more generally associated with Paramount and Ernst Lubitsch. While not quite up to the rival studio's standard of sophisticated romantic comedies peopled by aristocrats, this is a more than respectably assembled film, well directed and well acted, particularly by Lukas.

Cast & Crew

Marie Elissa Landi
Josef Paul Lukas
Count von Bommer Nils Asther
Countess von Rischenheim Dorothy Revier
Count von Rischenheim Lawrence Grant
Baroness von Ballin Esther Ralston
Baron von Ballin Warburton Gamble
Ann Lois January
Director James Whale
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white