Christmas Every Day

Christmas Every Day

Larry Peerce (1996)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This fantasy drama is a seasonal spin on Groundhog Day, but it isn't a patch on the brilliant Bill Murray comedy. Erik Von Detten plays the unhappy youngster whose Christmas wish comes true, but the result is a sickly concoction, lacking fun, charm and genuine warmth. Watching the downtrodden lad improve at basketball, save his family's store and give toys to the needy provides a shallow festive feel-good experience.


Glum teenager Billy Jackson refuses to get into the yuletide spirit, and lashes out at his exuberant younger sister, Sarah, telling her there is no Father Christmas. In response, young Sarah wishes it could be Christmas every day, and when her request comes true, sullen Billy is forced to relive the holiday over and over again until he is able to appreciate its significance. Festive fantasy, starring Erik von Detten, Bess Armstrong, Yvonne Zima and Robert Hays.

Cast & Crew

Henry Jackson Robert Hays
Billy Jackson Erik Von Detten
Molly Jackson Bess Armstrong
Sarah Jackson Yvonne Zima
Uncle David Robert Curtis-Brown
Aunt Carolyn Robin Riker
Jacey Jackson Julia Whelan
Director Larry Peerce
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour