Return to the Blue Lagoon

Return to the Blue Lagoon

William A Graham (1991)

15 Certificate


Our Score
While 1980's The Blue Lagoon - itself a remake of a 1949 film - had a certain grimly humorous value, this sequel lacks even that as Brian Krause - playing the son of Brooke Shields's character from the original - and The Fifth Element's Milla Jovovich experience puberty and nudity on a deserted island. A textbook example of a disaster that amazingly manages not only to contain bad acting and an appalling script, but also some of the most unconvincing love scenes ever committed to film.


The infant son of two shipwreck survivors is saved from certain death at sea and raised by widow Sarah Hargrave alongside her adopted daughter. However, an outbreak of cholera on board the ship forces Sarah to take the children and flee to a tropical island in the South Pacific, where the youngsters grow up ignorant of civilisation, and free of the impediments of 19th-century society. Period drama, starring Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause.

Cast & Crew

Lilli Milla Jovovich
Richard Brian Krause
Sarah Hargrave Lisa Pelikan
Young Lilli Courtney Phillips
Young Richard Garette Patrick Ratliff
Infant Lilli Emma James
Infant Richard Jackson Barton
Sylvia Nana Coburn
Captain Hilliard Brian Blain
Quinlan Peter Hehir
Giddens Alexander Petersons
Director William A Graham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains nudity.Available on: video and DVD