Guilty of Romance

Guilty of Romance

Sion Sono (2011)

18 Certificate


Our Score
A gruesome crime scene in a Japanese love hotel is the starting point for the concluding film in director Sion Sono's "trilogy of hate". Thanks to a good chunk of the police procedural having been excised since the film's original showing at Cannes, the murder mystery now takes a back seat to the Belle de Jour-meets-Crimes of Passion story that follows. Megumi Kagurazaka is a revelation as Izumi, the meek housewife whose humdrum marriage to a famous romantic novelist begins to unravel after she is inadvertently drawn into the sex industry and meets a sexually liberated academic (Makoto Togashi), who moonlights as a voracious prostitute. However, with the streetwise she-devil now acting as her mentor, Izumi's double life soon starts to exert an increasingly hellish grip. Lushly scored and as garish as Love Exposure and Cold Fish, the other movies in the trilogy, this is a complex, graphic tale with valid things to say about female identity. It's just a shame that the eventual outcome is not as convincing as the performances of the two high-powered leads.

Cast & Crew

Izumi Kikuchi Megumi Kagurazaka
Mitsuko Ozawa Makoto Togashi
Kazuko Yoshida Miki Mizuno
Izumi's husband Kanji Tsuda
Mitsuko's mother Hisako Ohkata
Director Sion Sono
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Other Information

Language: Japanese +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Eureka EntertainmentGuidance: Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 30 Sep 2011