Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now

Nicolas Roeg (1973)

15 Certificate


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A fiercely erotic scene of love-making between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie forms the sensual core of this supernatural chiller, which offers a time-distorted vision of terror set in wintertime Venice, portrayed here as a hostile city of brooding silences and fog-shrouded canals. After the death of their young daughter, church restorer John Baxter (Sutherland) and wife Laura (Christie) take their grief with them to Italy, where the spectral presence of their child draws them into a labyrinth of cryptic signs and doom-laden portents. Adapted from a Daphne du Maurier short story, this is director Nicolas Roeg's masterpiece - the fear-drenched mood of alienation is sustained right up until the unforgettable climax.


A couple trying to get over the death of their daughter take a trip to Venice, where they are shocked by a psychic's claim that the child is trying to contact them. Although the wife believes her story, the husband remains sceptical - until he begins to be troubled by spectral visions of his own. Nicholas Roeg's supernatural thriller based on Daphne du Maurier's short story, with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

Cast & Crew

John Baxter Donald Sutherland
Laura Baxter Julie Christie
Heather Hilary Mason
Wendy Clelia Matania
Bishop Barbarrigo Massimo Serato
Inspector Longhi Renato Scarpa
Anthony Babbage David Tree
Mandy Babbage Ann Rye
Johnny Baxter Nicholas Salter
Christine Baxter Sharon Williams
Detective Sabbione Bruno Cattaneo
Dwarf Adelina Poerio
Director Nicolas Roeg
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalGuidance: Violence, swearing, a sex scene and nudity. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 5 Jul 2019