The Wild and the Willing

The Wild and the Willing

Ralph Thomas (1962)

X Certificate


Our Score
An unsuccessful play, The Tinker - written when Angry Young Men were in vogue - is the source of this exposé of British student life. Once shocking, it has aged as badly as others of its ilk, but now has considerable curiosity value, not least because of early appearances by Ian McShane, Samantha Eggar, John Hurt and others. McShane shines as the scholarship boy who vents his wrath on privileged society by having a fling with a professor's wife. The affair leads indirectly to tragedy, and then enlightenment. Relatively explicit bedroom scenes are disconcertingly combined with student japes not far removed from those in Doctor in the House, which was also directed by Ralph Thomas.

Cast & Crew

Virginia Virginia Maskell
Professor Chown Paul Rogers
Harry Ian McShane
Phil John Hurt
Josie Samantha Eggar
Sarah Catherine Woodville
Reggie Johnny Sekka
Gilby Jeremy Brett
Director Ralph Thomas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists Ltd