The Belstone Fox

The Belstone Fox

James Hill (1973)

A Certificate


Our Score
Nice guys finish last is the moral of this workmanlike adaptation of David Rook's novel Ballad of the Belstone Fox. Eric Porter is the huntsman who adopts an abandoned fox cub and rears it with a litter of puppy hounds. When the hunting season starts, the fox reverts to its traditional role as quarry and Porter lives to regret his moment of weakness. Porter and Rachel Roberts acquit themselves adequately but the film ultimately impresses more for its wildlife photography than for its dramatic interest.

Cast & Crew

Asher Eric Porter
Cathie Rachel Roberts (1)
Kendrick Jeremy Kemp
Tod Bill Travers
Stephen Dennis Waterman
Jenny Heather Wright
Director James Hill
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Fox-RankAvailable on: video and DVD