The Four Just Men

The Four Just Men

Walter Forde (1939)

PG Certificate


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Gathering war clouds cast their shadows over this adaptation of novelist Edgar Wallace's ingenious imperial thriller. Produced by Michael Balcon at Ealing, it defiantly suggests that Britain could never fall under the sway of a dictator. But in all other respects it's a rollicking boys' own adventure, with some of the most fiendishly comic-book murders you will ever see. Hugh Sinclair, Frank Lawton, Griffith Jones and Francis L Sullivan unite gallantly to prevent treacherous Basil Sydney from helping enemy agents sabotage the Suez Canal. But the romance between Jones and Anna Lee needlessly sidetracks the otherwise hugely entertaining sub-Hitchcockian antics.


Four stalwart Britons agree to murder a corrupt MP for the good of the Empire. Adaptation of the novel by Edgar Wallace, starring Hugh Sinclair, Griffith Jones and Francis L Sullivan.

Cast & Crew

Humphrey Mansfield Hugh Sinclair
James Brodie Griffith Jones
Leon Poiccard Francis L Sullivan
Terry Frank Lawton
Ann Lodge Anna Lee
Sir Hamar Ryman MP Alan Napier
Frank Snell Basil Sydney
Myra Hastings Lydia Sherwood
Mr Hastings Roland Pertwee
Director Walter Forde
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD