The Oracle

The Oracle

C M Pennington-Richards (1952)

U Certificate


Our Score
Gilbert Harding voices the oracle at the bottom of a well in this piffling comedy in which whimsy is heaped on to make up for the absence of genuine humour. Ordinarily, Harding dispenses his wisdom to the inhabitants of a small Irish island. But then journalist Robert Beatty begins using him to predict horse races and other momentous events until the British mainland is reduced to chaos. Celebrated at the time as the rudest man on TV, Harding comes over today as an irascible prig and there is too little in the threadbare story to compensate for his blustering.

Cast & Crew

Bob Jefferson Robert Beatty
Terry Roche Joseph Tomelty
Timothy Blake Michael Medwin
Tom Mitchum Mervyn Johns
Shelagh Virginia McKenna
Jane Bond Gillian Lind
Peggy Ursula Howells
Oracle's voice Gilbert Harding
Director C M Pennington-Richards
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Group 3 Ltd