Port of Escape

Port of Escape

Anthony Young (1956)

A Certificate


Our Score
The skilled performances of John McCallum and Googie Withers and an atmospheric treatment of the London Docks setting give this modest melodrama a considerable lift. McCallum is the Aussie adventurer who accidentally kills a man while helping his mentally ill American friend (played by Bill Kerr). They commandeer a boat owned by journalist Withers, whose initial hostility gives way to love for the Australian. An obscure director, Anthony Young, lets the pace slacken occasionally, but overall this is an intelligent and offbeat work that deserves to be better known and probably owes much to its producer, Lance Comfort, an able director in his own right.


Two Army veterans are forced to face life on the run after they accidentally kill a man - but soon find refuge on a barge belonging to a reporter. Crime drama, starring Googie Withers, John McCallum and Bill Kerr.

Cast & Crew

Anne Stirling Googie Withers
Mitchell Gillie John McCallum
Dinty Missouri Bill Kerr
Rosalie Watchett Joan Hickson
Daphne Stirling Wendy Danielli
Skinner Hugh Pryse
Inspector Levins Alexander Gauge
Lucy Ingeborg Wells
Director Anthony Young
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD