House of Mortal Sin

House of Mortal Sin

Pete Walker (1975)

X Certificate


Our Score
A hugely underrated shocker from cult director Pete Walker, who alone saved the British cinema of the 1970s from complete terror blandness with a series of Home County horrors that included House of Whipcord and Frightmare. Anthony Sharp gives an extraordinary performance as a long-serving Catholic priest who sublimates his desires by violating the sanctity of the confessional (the film's American title) and torturing his distressed victims with guilt. Anyone trying to stop his course of "divine justice" is murdered by such diverse means as incense burners and poisoned holy wafers. Walker stalwart Sheila Keith is on hand to give this warped morality tale its clever twist. A serious look at the theme of a respectable public person using their position to pass judgement on those they see as corrupt, done with elegance, wit and purposely indignant bad taste.

Cast & Crew

Father Xavier Meldrum Anthony Sharp
Jenny Welch Susan Penhaligon
Vanessa Welch Stephanie Beacham
Father Bernard Cutler Norman Eshley
Miss Brabazon Sheila Keith
Mrs Meldrum Hilda Barry
Terry Stewart Bevan
Father Duggan Mervyn Johns
Director Pete Walker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Warner DistsAvailable on: video and DVD