A Touch of Class

A Touch of Class

Melvin Frank (1973)

12 Certificate


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Glenda Jackson shows her flair for romantic comedy in this classy effort from writer/director Melvin Frank. As divorced fashion designer Vicki Allessio, she's more than a match for married American businessman George Segal, subjecting him to a series of well-timed barbs during a disastrous holiday in Spain. Frank and his co-writer Jack Rose hone the script to a cutting edge to ensure that sentimentality doesn't oversweeten the romance, and succeed in keeping the piece ironically humorous rather than schmaltzily corny, which it so easily could have become. Jackson, who'd already won an Oscar for Women in Love, picked up her second one here, though Segal's harassed stud probably deserved something too for his polished performance.


A married American insurance broker's holiday fling with a British divorcee gradually blossoms into love, but plays havoc with his career and private life. Romantic comedy, starring Glenda Jackson in an Oscar-winning role, with George Segal, Paul Sorvino and Hildegaard Neil.

Cast & Crew

Steve Blackburn George Segal
Vicki Allessio Glenda Jackson
Walter Menkes Paul Sorvino
Gloria Blackburn Hildegard Neil
Wendell Thompson Cec Linder
Patty Menkes K Callan
Martha Thompson Mary Barclay
Director Melvin Frank
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Gordon Film Prods LtdGuidance: Edited for language.
Comedy Drama