An American Tail: the Mystery of the Night Monster

An American Tail: the Mystery of the Night Monster

Larry Latham (2000)

U Certificate


Our Score
Having so fervently championed the cause of peaceful co-habitation, it's more than a touch disappointing that the fourth adventure featuring Fievel the immigrant mouse should contain a number of flagrant racial stereotypes. Moreover, it also includes three dreadful songs and a rather obvious mystery. Along with his faithful buddies Tony and Tiger, Fievel allies with The Daily Nibbler's ace reporter, Nellie Brie, to investigate a sinister series of mouse-nappings. But, apart from a couple of imaginatively eerie dream sequences, there's little here to hold the attention of even the least discriminating youngster.


Plucky mouse Fievel and his rodent pals encounter an intriguing puzzle when they hear spine-tingling rumours about a terrifying monster which stalks the streets of Manhattan, snatching unwary rodents at random. Undeterred by the stories, they vow to get to the bottom of things - but the quest proves dangerous. Cute animated adventure, with the voices of Thomas Dekker and Robert Hays.

Cast & Crew

Fievel Mousekewitz Thomas Dekker
Reed Daley Robert Hays
Nellie Brie Susan Boyd
Tony Toponi Pat Musick
Madame Mousey Candi Milo
Papa Mousekewitz Nehemiah Persoff
Mama Mousekewitz Jane Singer
Tiger Dom DeLuise
Tanya Lacey Chabert
Director Larry Latham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD