Dr Cyclops

Dr Cyclops

Ernest B Schoedsack (1940)

A Certificate


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Ernest B Schoedsack, co-director of the original King Kong, returns to the fantasy genre with this wonderfully weird tale of a mad scientist (Albert Dekker) who miniaturises explorers in his Amazon jungle laboratory. Borrowing ideas from Kong special effects man Willis O'Brien, Schoedsack crafts a well-mounted science-fiction thriller, the first of its kind in vivid Technicolor. The standard plot now looks hackneyed, and the cueball-headed Dekker is stereotypically crazy. However, the impressive array of oversize props make this a lot of fun to watch.


A deranged scientist develops a process that can shrink humans, and soon gets a chance to use his technique when four visitors to his jungle lair dare to cross him. As the pint-sized captives attempt to escape, they begin to realise that the mad doctor isn't the only problem, as they come across a variety of seemingly giant wildlife. Albert Dekker stars in this Technicolor horror, laden with special effects, which was directed by Ernest B Schoedsack the co-director of the more famous King Kong.

Cast & Crew

Dr Thorkel Albert Dekker
Dr Mary Mitchell Janice Logan
Bill Stockton Thomas Coley
Dr Bulfinch Charles Halton
Steve Baker Victor Kilian
Pedro Frank Yaconelli
Silent Indian Bill Wilkerson
Cab driver Allen Fox
Dr Mendoza Paul Fix
Prof Kendall Frank Reicher
Director Ernest B Schoedsack
Director Ernest B Schoedsack
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service Ltd