The Squeaker

The Squeaker

William K Howard (1937)

U Certificate


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Edgar Wallace's classic whodunnit has been reworked into an efficient crime story by producer Alexander Korda. Edmund Lowe reprises his stage role as the methodical Scotland Yard inspector who doggedly pursues arch criminal Sebastian Shaw. Confined within starchy studio sets, William K Howard directs steadily, but the removal of that touch of mystery leaves him with precious little to play with, to the extent that he has to bolster the action with protracted love scenes between Lowe and Ann Todd. Robert Newton and Alastair Sim put in pleasing support appearances.

Cast & Crew

Inspector Barrabal Edmund Lowe
Frank Sutton Sebastian Shaw
Carol Stedman Ann Todd
Tamara Tamara Desni
Larry Graeme Robert Newton
Inspector Elford Allan Jeayes
Joshua Collie Alastair Sim
Director William K Howard
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video