Simon Wells (1995)

U Certificate


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Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, this well-crafted cartoon tells the story of an outcast sled dog who tries to save the children of the isolated Alaskan town of Nome during a diphtheria epidemic in 1925. Kevin Bacon's voice turns the wolf-dog crossbreed into a no-nonsense hero with a sense of duty that far outweighs the pride of his deadly rival, Steele, while Bob Hoskins's eccentric Russian goose provides the comedy. A touch darker than most animated features, this is as instructive as it is exciting and it will either be watched in riveted silence or provoke an avalanche of questions.


A half-wolf half-husky living in Alaska finds he does not fit in either among wild animals or as a dog living with humans. He gets the chance to be a hero when a remote town is threatened by an epidemic and it falls to him to lead a sled team to bring back medical supplies. Animated adventure, with the voices of Kevin Bacon, Bob Hoskins and Bridget Fonda.

Cast & Crew

Balto Kevin Bacon
Boris Bob Hoskins
Jenna Bridget Fonda
Steele Jim Cummings
Muk / Luk Phil Collins
Nikki Jack Angel
Kaltag Danny Mann
Star Robbie Rist
Rosy Juliette Brewer
Grandma Rosy / extra voice Miriam Margolyes
Granddaughter Lola Bates-Campbell
Director Simon Wells
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Available on: video and DVD
Drama Children's