Wicker Park

Wicker Park

Paul McGuigan (2004)

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This American take on Gilles Mimouni's L'Appartement retains the Hitchcock-inspired thrills of the original, lifting it above the average Hollywood romantic drama. And with more than a hint of the identity issues that Hitchcock explored in Vertigo and as many twists and turns as The Big Sleep, it provides plenty of emotional wreckage en route. On the eve of a trip to China, Matthew (Josh Hartnett) catches a fleeting glimpse of old flame Lisa (National Treasure's Diane Kruger), who mysteriously disappeared from his life a few years earlier. Postponing his trip and abandoning his fiancée, Matthew determines to track Lisa down, only to discover the woman he saw is really someone else (Rose Byrne). But this lady has her own agenda, and is on the point of starting a relationship with Matthew's friend Luke (played by a scene-stealing Matthew Lillard). Convoluted though this plot may seem, at least the inventive visuals from Gangster No 1 director Paul McGuigan keep you engrossed.


A man is devastated when the love of his life disappears without explanation. Two years later, he has finally put his life in order when he sees her by chance in the street. He becomes obsessed with tracking her down, ruining his career and marriage plans to do so, but does not realise how dangerous his pursuit will become. Mystery, starring Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Diane Kruger and Matthew Lillard.

Cast & Crew

Matthew Josh Hartnett
Alex Rose Byrne
Luke Matthew Lillard
Lisa Diane Kruger
Rebecca Jessica Paré
Ticket agent Stéfanie Buxton
Robin Gillian Ferrabee
Theatre director Marcel Jeannin
Waitress Erika Rosenbaum
Director Paul McGuigan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Momentum PicturesGuidance: Swearing. Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 10 Sep 2004