The Wind and the Lion

The Wind and the Lion

John Milius (1975)

PG Certificate


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In this stunning desert adventure, Sean Connery stars as the Berber chieftain who kidnaps an American woman (Candice Bergen in a role intended for Katharine Hepburn) and incurs the wrath of US President Teddy Roosevelt, who sends the"big stick" into Morocco. Written and directed by John Milius, this brilliant satire on colonialism pays due tribute to such diverse movies as Lawrence of Arabia and the samurai epics of Akira Kurosawa, and manages to be both funny and thrilling; it's also an insightful look at America's role as world policeman. Connery gives what may be his most charismatic performance ever, and Brian Keith is deeply in period as the one-eyed, bear-hunting, gung-ho president. Add to this a soaring Jerry Goldsmith score and some marvellous locations and you have one of the most enjoyable movies of the 1970s.


An American woman and her son are seized by a Moroccan chieftain in the 1900s, sparking an international incident. While President Roosevelt works on a plan to ensure their safe return, the hostage begins to sympathise with her captor's cause as they get caught up in a conflict with German forces. Period adventure, with Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith and John Huston.

Cast & Crew

Mulay El Raisuli Sean Connery
Eden Pedecaris Candice Bergen
Theodore Roosevelt Brian Keith
John Hay John Huston
Gummere Geoffrey Lewis
Captain Jerome Steve Kanaly
Admiral Chadwick Roy Jenson
Bashaw Vladek Sheybal
Dreighton Darrell Fetty
Sherif of Wazan Nadim Sawalha
Von Roerkel Antoine St John
William Simon Harrison
Jennifer Polly Gottesman
Ugly arab Aldo Sambrell
Director John Milius
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Warner DistsGuidance: Edited for violence. Available on: DVD