Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage

Richard Fleischer (1966)

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Shrunken doctors in a mini-sub journeying through the body of a dying Czech scientist to perform interior brain surgery provide the plot for this wonderfully ludicrous 1960s sci-fi classic. An interesting cast includes Stephen Boyd as a secret agent, Raquel Welch in a tight diving suit and Donald Pleasence in danger from rampaging white corpuscles. Director Richard Fleischer's deft execution and tremendous special effects (for the time) make for an imaginative guided tour through the bloodstream to witness the wonders of the heart, lungs and other assorted organs, along with the requisite doses of sex, suspense and sabotage.


A medical team is miniaturised and injected into the bloodstream of a scientist to repair his severely damaged brain - unaware that one of the microscopic passengers has sabotage on his mind. Richard Fleischer's sci-fi adventure, starring Raquel Welch, Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence and Edmond O'Brien.

Cast & Crew

Grant Stephen Boyd
Cora Peterson Raquel Welch
Dr Michaels Donald Pleasence
General Carter Edmond O'Brien
Colonel Donald Reid Arthur O'Connell
Captain Bill Owens William Redfield
Dr Duval Arthur Kennedy
Jan Benes Jean Del Val
Communications aide Barry Coe
Secret serviceman Ken Scott (1)
Nurse Shelby Grant
Technician James Brolin
Wireless operator Brendan Fitzgerald
Director Richard Fleischer
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