Michael Powell (1940)

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Directed by Michael Powell from a story by Emeric Pressburger, this neat Second World War espionage thriller depicts a London crawling with spies, rather in the manner of Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage and The Man Who Knew Too Much. Powell makes brilliant use of the blackout and includes one cheeky sequence when hundreds of unwanted plaster casts of Neville Chamberlain get shot to pieces. It would have been Deborah Kerr's first feature film, but all her scenes were left on the cutting-room floor.


A Danish merchant skipper pursues a mysterious passenger ashore and ends up joining her in a chase for clues through London's maze of blacked-out streets to uncover a Nazi spy ring detected by British naval intelligence. Second World War thriller, directed by Michael Powell, starring Conrad Veidt, Valerie Hobson, Hay Petrie, Joss Ambler and Esmond Knight.

Cast & Crew

Capt Andersen Conrad Veidt
Mrs Sorensen Valerie Hobson
Axel Skold/Erik Skold Hay Petrie
Lt Cdr Ashton Joss Ambler
Mr Pidgeon Esmond Knight
Van Dyne Raymond Lovell
Hendrick Charles Victor
Miss Lang Phoebe Kershaw
Director Michael Powell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo American Film Corp