The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

John Ford (1958)

U Certificate


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Spencer Tracy stars as Frank Skeffington, an old-time political operator standing for mayor one last time and observed with wide-eyed approval by his nephew, Jeffrey Hunter. This is a great part for Tracy and he runs and runs with it, turning on the Irish-American blarney when it suits him, showing expediency and iron-hard calculation when he thinks no one is looking. As so often with John Ford's films, there's also a flabby sentimentality even when he's dealing with the cut-throat electoral process, but the film's optimism strangely anticipated the defeat of Nixon and the triumph of Kennedy in 1961.


John Ford's political drama, starring Spencer Tracy as a headstrong New England mayor who launches one final re-election campaign. However, he finds the nature of politics is changing and that he has a powerful enemy in a wealthy and influential local banker (Basil Rathbone). Also starring Jeffrey Hunter and Pat O'Brien.

Cast & Crew

Mayor Frank Skeffington Spencer Tracy
Adam Caulfield Jeffrey Hunter
John Gorman Pat O'Brien
Norman Cass Sr Basil Rathbone
Mave Caulfield Dianne Foster
Cardinal Martin Burke Donald Crisp
`Cuke' Gillen James Gleason
`Ditto' Boland Edward Brophy
Director John Ford
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd