Affairs of a Rogue

Affairs of a Rogue

Alberto Cavalcanti (1948)

PG Certificate


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Reputed for blending realism with the avant-garde, Brazilian Alberto Cavalcanti may not seem the perfect director for this Regency melodrama. Cecil Parker might also strike some as a left-field choice for the dandyish Prince of Wales. But he's adept at being both cunning and vain in this intelligent adaptation of Norman Ginsbury's hit 1945 play The First Gentleman (also the film's title in the UK). Envious of the popularity of his daughter, Princess Charlotte (Joan Hopkins), Prince George seeks to marry her off to the Prince of Orange. However, she prefers to follow her heart and contract a love match with Leopold of Saxe-Coburg (Jean-Pierre Aumont). Those who know their history will have their hankies ready, but Cavalcanti prevents things from becoming too mawkish by emphasising the wit of the screenplay and the elegance of the set design and cinematography, which give proceedings a feel akin to Basil Dearden's Saraband for Dead Lovers.


Following the Napoleonic wars, the Prince Regent attempts to marry off his unruly daughter Charlotte to a number of acceptable nobles, but to no avail because she falls for Leopold, a poverty-stricken German prince. Drama, starring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Joan Hopkins and Cecil Parker.

Cast & Crew

Prince Leopold Jean-Pierre Aumont
Charlotte Joan Hopkins
Prince Regent Cecil Parker
Lady Hartford Margaretta Scott
Edward Jack Livesey
Director Alberto Cavalcanti
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd