The Great Lover

The Great Lover

Alexander Hall (1949)

12 Certificate


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One of Bob Hope's better vehicles casts him as a scoutmaster trying to cope with a group of dedicated "child foresters" on a transatlantic liner. The diversions include the beautiful daughter (Rhonda Fleming) of a penniless duke, and a cardsharp who is murdering passengers. The risible script makes room for a brief but splendid cameo by Jack Benny, and Richard Lyon plays the most concientious of the youths, urging the unwilling Hope to give up cigarettes and women. "A boy forester never makes a mistake," he tells Hope, who replies: "Too bad your parents weren't foresters."


Boy Scout leader Bob Hope takes his mischievous troop on a cruise across the Atlantic, falling in love and unwittingly capturing a murderer en route. Comedy, also starring Rhonda Fleming, Roland Young and Roland Culver.

Cast & Crew

Actor Bob Hope
Actor Rhonda Fleming
Actor Roland Young
Actor Roland Culver
Director Alexander Hall

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service LtdAvailable on: DVD