Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

Timothy Bond (1998)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Playing like an elongated episode of a glitzy soap, this poor adaptation of Diana Palmer's novel is strictly for fans of undemanding potboilers. Director Timothy Bond throws subtlety to the wind as he chronicles Jonathan Cake and Joely Collins's scheme to prise Kevin Otto from the avaricious grasp of his business adviser, Denise Virieux. With Collins masking unrequited love for Otto (the boss she's loyally served for years) and Cake falling for the girl he's transformed to save his brother's fortune, this can only end in tears - and they'll probably be yours for having stuck with this movie.


An American playboy lawyer is caught up in a love triangle when his well-intentioned brother pairs him off with his doting paralegal assistant, in a ruse to prise him out of the clutches of his vampish and predatory business adviser. Romantic drama, starring Kevin Otto, Joely Collins, Jonathan Cake, Denise Virieux and Dyan Cannon.

Cast & Crew

Denny Montana Kevin Otto
Claire Barnard Joely Collins
Regan Montana Jonathan Cake
Abby Montana Dyan Cannon
Margo De La Vera Denise Virieux
Director Timothy Bond
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for a sex scene. Available on: DVD