The Kidnappers

The Kidnappers

Philip Leacock (1953)

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Popular in its day and still charming, this children's drama tells the story of two Scottish orphans in turn-of-the-century Nova Scotia who steal a baby when their stern grandfather won't let them have a dog. This slight tale is perfectly performed by two child actors, Jon Whiteley and Vincent Winter, and both youngsters received special Oscars as a result. Director Philip Leacock creates a realistic, almost documentary-like atmosphere of a closed-in, isolated community, and is helped by fine performances from Duncan Macrae (a career best) and Jean Anderson as the grandparents. It was also surprisingly popular, despite the heavy accents, in the US where it was released as The Little Kidnappers, and was eventually remade for TV with Charlton Heston in the Macrae role.


Two orphaned boys living with their strict grandfather in Nova Scotia are disappointed by his refusal to allow them to keep a dog. However, their loneliness is alleviated when they discover a baby apparently abandoned in woodlands - and decide to raise the child themselves. Drama, starring Duncan Macrae, Adrienne Corri, Jon Whiteley and Vincent Winter.

Cast & Crew

Grandaddy Duncan Macrae
Kirsty Adrienne Corri
Harry Jon Whiteley
Davy Vincent Winter
Grandma Jean Anderson
Willem Bloem Theodore Bikel
Jan Hooft Snr Francis De Wolff
Aaron McNab James Sutherland
Director Philip Leacock
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: video and DVD