The October Man

The October Man

Roy Ward Baker (1947)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Sturdily scripted from his own novel by Eric Ambler, cannily directed by Roy Baker and atmospherically photographed by Erwin Hillier, this is one of British cinema's best stabs at film noir. John Mills gives a highly accomplished performance as the amnesiac who, having been responsible for an accidental death, now has to prove to himself and the authorities that he didn't kill fellow boarding-house tenant Kay Walsh. But what really makes this seedy thriller so compelling is the support playing of Joan Greenwood, Joyce Carey and Edward Chapman. Keep an eye out for a six-year-old Juliet Mills, making her third screen appearance.


A chemist with suicidal tendencies is falsely accused of murder - and his precarious mental state is further upset by taunts from the real killer. Classic psychological thriller, adapted from a novel by Eric Ambler, starring John Mills, Joan Greenwood and Joyce Carey.

Cast & Crew

Jim Ackland John Mills
Jenny Carden Joan Greenwood
Mrs Vinton Joyce Carey
Peachy Edward Chapman
Molly Newman Kay Walsh
Miss Selby Catherine Lacey
Joyce Carden Adrianne Allen
Dr Martin Felix Aylmer
DI Godby Frederick Piper
Director Roy Ward Baker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD