John Waters (2) (1989)

12 Certificate


Our Score
John Waters's hilarious send-up of Grease and Jailhouse Rock revolves around juvenile delinquent Johnny Depp having the hots for square Amy Locane. A superb hepcat soundtrack mixes real throbbing golden oldies with wonderful hormone-busting rock 'n' roll parodies, and the usual hip dream cast (including Iggy Pop and porn queen Traci Lords) pushes the vivid cartoon caricatures as close to the edge as possible, with Hell's Angel Susan Tyrrell going deliriously over it. The nostalgic delights in Waters's reform school drool are often more subtle than his other period offering, Hairspray, but it's still a polished debunking of pop culture from the "Pope of Trash".


Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker (Depp) is the coolest, toughest hood in his Baltimore high school. His ability to shed one single tear drives all the girls wild, especially Allison Vernon-Williams (Amy Locane). Allison finds herself drawn into the world of Cry-Baby and his "drape" pals. Soon she finds herself eagerly inhaling the evil influences of rockabilly music and fast cars.

Cast & Crew

Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker Johnny Depp
Allison Vernon-Williams Amy Locane
Ramona Susan Tyrrell
Mrs Vernon-Williams Polly Bergen
Belvedere Iggy Pop
Pepper Ricki Lake
Wanda Traci Lords
Hatchet-Face Kim McGuire
Milton Darren Burrows
Hatchet's father Troy Donahue
Hatchet's mother Mink Stole
Milton's father Joe Dallesandro
Milton's mother Joey Heatherton
Wanda's mother Patricia Hearst
Hateful guard Willem Dafoe
Night Court parent Susan Lowe
Picnic mother Mary Vivian Pearce
Director John Waters (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Swearing.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray