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Buster Keaton (1923)

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A feudin' and fussin' masterpiece for Buster Keaton - which he co-directed with John Blystone - in which Buster is William, the last of the McKays, returning to Rockville to inherit his father's estate and falling foul of the vengeful Canfields,whose daughter (Natalie Talmadge) he's fallen in love with. Buster's beloved trains supply a hilarious track of running gags and there is some astonishing stuntwork, all of which Buster did himself. It's one of his few films in which he puts on drag - to escape the Canfields - and there's a sequence with a waterfall that is brilliant in its audacity. Three generations of Keatons are featured, from Joseph the elder to Buster's own son, while the period detail is at once comic and - believe it - totally accurate.

Cast & Crew

William McKay Buster Keaton
Aunt Mary Kitty Bradbury
Lem Doolittle, train engineer Joe Keaton
Sam Gardner, train guard James Duffy
Virginia Canfield Natalie Talmadge
Clayton Canfield Ralph Bushman
Lee Canfield Craig Ward
John McKay Edward Coxen
His wife Jean Dumas
William McKay as a baby Buster Keaton Jr
James Canfield Leonard Clapham
Joseph Canfield Joe Roberts
Director Buster Keaton
Director John G Blystone
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Other Information

Black and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD