Our Man in Marrakesh

Our Man in Marrakesh

Don Sharp (1966)

U Certificate


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Producer Harry Alan Towers has an eye for an exotic location, and here he casts the excellent Tony Randall as an American tourist caught up in spy antics in Morocco. The scenery is fabulous and the second-rung supporting cast fun to watch, but the script and production budget would defeat the hardiest director. Still, veteran professionals such as Herbert Lom, Wilfrid Hyde White and Terry-Thomas do what they can with the material, and Klaus Kinski and John Le Mesurier turn up, too. It's all summed up far better by its banal US title, Bang! Bang! You're Dead!.


A group of European travellers accidentally gets mixed up in the deadly world of espionage while on holiday in Morocco. Spy comedy drama, starring Tony Randall, Terry-Thomas, Senta Berger and Herbert Lom.

Cast & Crew

Andrew Jessel Tony Randall
Kyra Stanovy Senta Berger
El Caid Terry-Thomas
Narim Casimir Herbert Lom
Arthur Fairbrother Wilfrid Hyde White
Achmed Grégoire Aslan
George Lillywhite John Le Mesurier
Jonquil Klaus Kinski
Samia Voss Margaret Lee
Hotel clerk Emile Stemmler
Export manager Burt Kwouk
Director Don Sharp
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Harry TowersGuidance: Edited for violence. Available on: DVD
Drama Comedy