Night of the Party

Night of the Party

Michael Powell (1934)



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A well-preserved and strongly-cast specimen of a typical 1930s murder mystery. A press magnate with many enemies seems to have invited them all to the same party. He is shot during a murder game with the lights out and anyone could have done it. The film's surviving interest is as one of the earliest extant works of Michael Powell, still in his twenties at the time. The project offered little artistic challenge, but he directs fluently enough and seems to have cut short the lengthy courtroom dénouement in favour of a lively, if implausible, interruption by the guilty party.

Cast & Crew

Sir John Holland Leslie Banks
Guy Kennington Ian Hunter (1)
Peggy Studholme Jane Baxter
Chiddiatt Ernest Thesiger
Director Michael Powell

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white