William A Wellman (1927)

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Winner of the very first best picture Oscar, this silent epic about fighter pilots in the First World War is still exciting aloft but terribly sentimental and cliché-ridden on the ground. The director, William A "Wild Bill" Wellman had himself been a highly decorated fighter pilot with the famous Lafayette Escadrille, so he brought to the project much of his own experience, giving the thrilling action sequences their excitement and veracity. But the story - devised by former pilot John Monk Saunders - switches between a lame love affair and the friendship between two pilots who join up together. Gary Cooper makes a brief appearance and the movie is dedicated to Charles Lindbergh. On original release, the action scenes were magnified and shown on giant screens.


Wings is the story of two men who have gone to war and the girl they both leave behind. Director William A. Wellman makes one of his most humanistic statements as he explores the devastating results of war.

Cast & Crew

Mary Preston Clara Bow
Jack Powell Charles "Buddy" Rogers
David Armstrong Richard Arlen
Sylvia Lewis Jobyna Ralston
Cadet White Gary Cooper
Celeste Arlette Marchal
Patrick O'Brien El Brendel
Mrs Powell Hedda Hopper
Director William A Wellman
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