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Home to Danger

Terence Fisher (1951)

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A young woman (Rona Anderson) inherits an estate after her father's suicide and is immediately attacked by a mysterious assailant. As the corpses mount up, so do the suspects in this standard whodunnit, produced by B-movie specialist Lance Comfort and directed by Terence Fisher, who later hit his stride with his pioneering Hammer horrors. The cast is of some interest, too: Guy Rolfe, an imposing stage actor who looked best in chain mail or a toga; Alan Wheatley, who played the Sheriff of Nottingham in ITV's Robin Hood series; and Stanley Baker in an early role.


Mystery, starring Rona Anderson as a woman who inherits an old house following her father's apparent suicide, only to be attacked by a mysterious assailant, who continues to cause trouble. With Guy Rolfe and Francis Lister.

Cast & Crew

Robert Guy Rolfe
Barbara Rona Anderson
Wainwright Francis Lister
Hughes Alan Wheatley
Solicitor Bruce Belfrage
Willie Dougan Stanley Baker
Jimmy-The-One Dennis Harkin
Lips Leonard Peter Jones
Director Terence Fisher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eros FilmsAvailable on: DVD