The Mad Miss Manton

The Mad Miss Manton

Leigh Jason (1938)

A Certificate


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Barbara Stanwyck is a delight as the Manhattan debutante and amateur detective, and so is Henry Fonda as the obsessive but romantically rather awkward newspaper editor who finds they are both chasing the same murder story. There are borrowings from The Thin Man and any number of screwball comedies here, and the result is slight and completely artificial. Thanks to the appeal of its stars, who would later be reunited by Preston Sturges for The Lady Eve, it's also thoroughly enjoyable.


A woman finds the body of a murder victim, but by the time the police arrive it has vanished. The cops refuse to believe her, and a newspaper condemns her for wasting its time. Determined to prove her story is true, she and her friends try to crack the case themselves. Comedy mystery, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda.

Cast & Crew

Melsa Manton Barbara Stanwyck
Peter Ames Henry Fonda
Lieutenant Brent Sam Levene
Helen Frayne Frances Mercer
Edward Norris Stanley Ridges
Pat James Whitney Bourne
Kit Beverly Vicki Lester
Lee Wilson Ann Evers
Dora Fenton Catherine O'Quinn
Myra Frost Linda Perry
Jane Eleanor Hanson
Hilda Hattie McDaniel
Sullivan James Burke
Bat Regan Paul Guilfoyle (1)
Frances Glesk Penny Singleton
DA's secretary Grady Sutton
Director Leigh Jason
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama