Dreams of Gold: the Mel Fisher Story

Dreams of Gold: the Mel Fisher Story

James Goldstone (1986)

PG Certificate


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A dramatisation of Mel Fisher's obsessive 17-year search for a treasure-laden 17th-century galleon off the Florida coast, which threatened his family unity and led to a battle through the courts. This tale of doggedness and derring-do is yet another obvious metaphor for the pursuit of the American Dream and, though inevitably episodic, it is handled with quiet efficiency. Cliff Robertson, a lobster trapper in his youth and well-known Hollywood square peg, looks particularly at home, while Loretta Swit - "Hot Lips" in TV's MASH - fits the bill as his wife.


Fact-based drama about a treasure-hunter's 17-year search for the wreck of a Spanish galleon which sank without trace off the Florida coast during a storm in 1622. Starring Cliff Robertson, Loretta Swit, Ed O'Rose and Scott Paulin.

Cast & Crew

Mel Fisher Cliff Robertson
Deo Fisher Loretta Swit
Trooper Hudley Ed O'Ross
Don Kincaid Scott Paulin
Angel Fisher Jennifer Runyon
Penelope Cabot Judi Evans
Kane Fisher Bruce Toms
Taffi Fisher Kerry Remsen
David Horan Jonathan Hogan
Dirk Fisher Martin Rabbett
Kim Fisher William Zabka
Mo Steven Williams
Luther Banks Don Hood
Rupert Carmody Liam Sullivan
Duncan Mathewson Brett Porter
Local fisherman Byrne Piven
First panel member Tim Wise
Second panel member David Orange
Third panel member Tony Ayer
Tourist Sandra P Davis
Marshall Eric Mathews
Director James Goldstone
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Language: EnglishColour