Victoria the Great

Victoria the Great

Herbert Wilcox (1937)

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When Laurence Housman first wrote his play Victoria Regina, it was banned by the Lord Chamberlain as, in 1935, the royal family could not be shown on the British stage. But the play was a hit on Broadway and such was the enthusiasm of King Edward VIII that he commissioned producer and director Herbert Wilcox to make it into a film to commemorate the centenary of Victoria's accession to the throne. Anna Neagle takes Victoria from girlhood to old age, and the drama concentrates on her personal relationship with Prince Albert (Anton Walbrook). It's all fairly tame, and a long way from the rough ride given to the royals of today. Yet Neagle's sympathy for the monarch shines through, and the final reel, which bursts into glorious Technicolor for the Diamond Jubilee, is a delightful piece of patriotic pomp.

Cast & Crew

Queen Victoria Anna Neagle
Prince Albert Anton Walbrook
Prince Ernest Walter Rilla
Duchess of Kent Mary Morris
Lord Melbourne H B Warner
Baroness Lehzen Grete Wegener
Archbishop of Canterbury C V France
Duke of Wellington James Dale
Sir Robert Peel Charles Carson
Lord Conyngham Hubert Harben
Lord Palmerston Felix Aylmer
Director Herbert Wilcox
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