Thunder in the East

Thunder in the East

Charles Vidor (1953)

PG Certificate


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During the upheavals following India's independence in 1947, American arms trafficker Alan Ladd turns up in Kandahar to sell arms to pacifist Ieader Charles Boyer, who doesn't want them. In between times, Ladd falls for Deborah Kerr, the blind daughter of a lovable English missionary. Lavish production values and a grade-A cast are powerless to rescue a mind-numbingly wordy script that drains the film of any possible excitement or real drama, leaving only boredom - ours - in place.


A gunrunner contends with unscrupulous civil servants in post-partition India, and falls for the charms of a blind girl along the way. Adventure, starring Alan Ladd, Charles Boyer and Deborah Kerr.

Cast & Crew

Actor Alan Ladd
Actor Charles Boyer
Actor Deborah Kerr
Director Charles Vidor

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white