Two Way Stretch

Two Way Stretch

Robert Day (1960)

U Certificate


Our Score
Fans of Peter Sellers rate this British venture, made before he started to believe his own publicity, as one of the best things he did. It's a prison comedy that predates Porridge with a snarling stand-off between cocky convict Sellers, his cellmates Bernard Cribbins and David Lodge, and paranoid warden Lionel Jeffries. The plot - about a group of prisoners trying to break back into jail after a heist - is wonderfully developed and there are delightful cameos along the way from Irene Handl, Wilfrid Hyde White and Liz Fraser.


Three convicts plot to sneak out of prison, steal a fortune in diamonds from a maharajah, and then creep back in to provide themselves with the perfect alibi. However, their seemingly flawless plan is threatened by the arrival of a strict new prison officer. Comedy, starring Peter Sellers, Bernard Cribbins and Lionel Jeffries.

Cast & Crew

Dodger Lane Peter Sellers
Reverend Basil "Soapy" Fowler Wilfrid Hyde White
Jelly Knight David Lodge
Lennie Price Bernard Cribbins
Cmdr Horatio Bennet, the prison governor Maurice Denham
Sidney Crout Lionel Jeffries
Mrs Price Irene Handl
Ethel Liz Fraser
Warder Jenkins George Woodbridge
Warder George Cyril Chamberlain
Warder Charlie Edwin Brown
Lawyer John Glyn-Jones
Miss Pringle Beryl Reid
Miss Meakin Noel Hood
Miss Prescott Myrette Morven
Colonel Arkwright Thorley Walters
Reverend Butterworth Walter Hudd
Tailor Warren Mitchell
Director Robert Day
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: video and DVD