Murderers' Row

Murderers' Row

Henry Levin (1966)

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In this sequel to The Silencers, Dean Martin returns as secret agent Matt Helm to save Washington from dastardly Karl Malden and his "Helio Beam". Martin's "morning after the night before" performance has a certain louche appeal, but, like any self-respecting Bond rip-off, Harry Levin's film has problems spoofing a spoof. (Indeed, the plot is remarkably similar to Thunderball's.) The decor is hard on the eye, while Ann-Margret's disco gyrations are cringeworthy.


Dean Martin as dashing secret agent Matt Helm tracks down a super-villain who has kidnapped an inventor. Spy spoof, with Ann-Margret, Karl Malden and Camilla Sparv.

Cast & Crew

Actor Dean Martin
Actor Ann-Margret
Actor Karl Malden
Actor Camilla Sparv
Director Henry Levin

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