Alfred Hitchcock (1936)

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There was no such thing as accepted behaviour for suspense master Alfred Hitchcock, and his nonconformity was never more apparent than in the unnerving scene from this movie in which a small boy (played by Desmond Tester) carries a time-bomb aboard a bus. Movie-goers suddenly had to confront the unexpected (a Hitchcock trademark) in this adaptation of Joseph Conrad's novel The Secret Agent, in which terrorist Oscar Homolka uses his marriage to submissive Sylvia Sidney and his business as a cinema owner as front for his subversive activities. Hitchcock later described the film as "playful", but, as usual for him, it is, in fact, a deadly game with cruel conclusions.


An undercover detective poses as a grocer to get closer to a suspected terrorist thought to be plotting to blow up London. Alfred Hitchcock's thriller based on Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, starring Oscar Homolka, Sylvia Sidney, John Loder, Desmond Tester and Joyce Barbour.

Cast & Crew

Actor Oscar Homolka
Actor Sylvia Sidney
Actor John Loder
Actor Desmond Tester
Actor Joyce Barbour
Director Alfred Hitchcock
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